Adjusting the Taxkorgan's local ecological calendar is suppo | 115478

जर्नल ऑफ़ क्लाइमेटोलॉजी एंड वेदर फोरकास्टिंग

आईएसएसएन - 2332-2594


Adjusting the Taxkorgan's local ecological calendar is supported by a crop-climate model

Sing Chu

Agriculture is threatened by climate change and fluctuation. As a result, farmers have been compelled to modify their farming methods in accordance with the possibilities that are accessible locally. Such modifications are guided by ethnoecological knowledge of nearby environmental events. In order to help changing the local crop calendar, this study intends to investigate observed changes in the crop calendar and variations in crop yield in response to climate variability. Farmers were divided into groups for talks and interviews with local officials. Using the Partial Least Square Regression (PLS) method, climatic indices like Growing Degree Days (GDD) and crop evapotranspiration (ETc) were calculated and regressed with crop production data (1988-2017) from Taxkorgan County of Xinjiang, China.